Monday, September 1, 2014

Golden Corral

We went out for lunch again today at the Golden Corral.  We were supposed to meet with a couple of guests who didn't show, so we went anyway.  Marv asked me at least ten times where we were going, and why.  We filled up our first plate, me with salad, he with a plate FULL of chicken (which he has previously decided he doesn't like) and other stuff.  He ate about half of it, looked at the rest and asked, "WHO put all this stuff on my plate?"  :D   He was really mystified....

He carefully wrapped up the chicken bones in a napkin for the dogs.  Then he took the meat he had torn off and I put it in a plastic sandwich bag to take home for the dogs.  He found the napkin-wrapped bones and asked, "What is this?  We're not saving this for anything, are we?"  Before we left he wanted to give me the bones.  "Just leave them there on the plate," I said, and he did.

Had pink cotton candy for dessert!

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