Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Everything is fine. The paramedics just left....

Tonight Marv said he was going to take a little walk around the block.  I had a meeting at the library, and about ten minutes after he left my ride came for me.  I called home about 20 minutes later to see if everything was Ok.  No answer.  So I tried again after another 20 minutes and he answered, said everything was fine.

When I got home about an hour later, his elbow was hamburger, his eyebrow was split and swollen and there was blood all over his shirt.  Apparently somewhere between Cancun Mexican Restaurant and the liquor store he fell.  He says a bunch of ladies came out and surrounded him, the police came (again) and an ambulance brought him home.

I am overwhelmed with guilt, remembering another meeting I was at years ago.  Linn was home with the little boys.  I called home to see if everything was ok, and he answered, "Yes, everything is fine.  The paramedics just left...."   (Linn had been giving the little boys bike rides down to the school at the end of the street, and Jeremy got his foot caught in the spokes.)