Sunday, July 20, 2014


Well, Joe's wife, Loma has been driving him to the Thursday lunches at Wendy's.  That is good news.  Both Joe and Marv seem to really enjoy their time together over burgers and fries. I can't imagine what they talk about for an hour.  Loma goes to visit her brother who lives nearby. Last Thursday while I waited, I found a new little bookstore that is air-conditioned and has comfortable chairs to sit and read in.  I bought two books, Mark Twain's Letters From the Earth, and Emma Lou Thayne's Once in Israel, which I think I already have, but don't know where it is.

Yesterday Marv voluntarily gave me his car keys.  Now I have his wallet with all his credit cards, including his driver's licence and medical cards.  I found his cell phone (while I was looking for his wallet).  I put all his banking records online with mine, so I have access to both.  Yesterday we went out to buy a new fridge.  The old one leaks a continual puddle of water on the floor, and the door is falling off.  RCWilly will deliver it on Wednesday.  A few hours after we got home, Marv asked, "Did we buy a new refrigerator today?"  I told him we did.  He said, "I thought so, but it's all like a dream.  Everything is really cloudy."

He hasn't wanted to go to church for a few Sundays now, and I am just as happy to stay home with him.

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