Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary, the "golden" one.  We had dinner at the Red Lobster, the "4 course" listed on the menu:  clam chowder and a garden salad, butterfly shrimp,  pineapple shrimp on a skewer, cheese biscuits, and for dessert a brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. ( We brought hope a take-out box full of broccoli.  :) )   Later that night he came in to kiss me goodnight and wished me Happy Anniverary, again.  "What is it," he said.  "About our 90th?"

Earlier in the day he had lunch at Wendy's with his friend, Joe Bennett.  They've been good friends for many years, and this Thursday lunch has been a ritual.  Yesterday Joe got lost on his way home.  His wife was frantic.  They found him somewhere in the south end of the Valley.  That was his second time getting lost on his way home.  Now Marv is afraid Loma won't let him drive to their Thursday lunch any more.  When we were in bed, he reached out and held my hand, and said, "Now you are the only friend I have left."

He doesn't think she will drive Joe there, as I have been driving him.  "He'll  just have to stay home in prison,"  Marv said.

I thought Marv would put up a big fuss when I told him I would drive to their lunches.  He didn't, which I am grateful for.

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