Saturday, October 31, 2015

Been A While

It's been a while.  We're still here.  Dad forgets things more often,  Yesterday I said if he would pick up his pants that needed to be washed and go through the pockets, I would wash them.  He said OK the three times I asked him,  So I finally did it myself.  This morning I was about to fold them and put them on hangers and he volunteered, so he got most of them done, and then lost interest, except for the socks he couldn't find mates for.  I said to go look in the bedroom on the chair where he likes to pile his clotohes, and maybe he would find some matches.  He came back about ten minutes later.  I said, "Did you find any."
         "Any what?"
         "Why was I looking for socks?"

Earlier in the day he told me there was a big puddle of water "out there."  So I went and looked in the kitchen and in the wash room, where he had just been.
          Me:  "I don't see any puddles.  Where was it?"
          Him:  "Where was what?"
          Me:   "The puddle of water."
          Him:  "Well, that was an hour ago."    He has no sense of time.  If we are going to have lunch with his friend Joe, as we do every Thursday I have to remind him three or four times that he needs to hurry a little faster.  In the car he tells me "I don't know why we can't be on time so Joe doesn't have to wait for us!"   Everything always happened "an hour ago" in his mind.

He makes up stories that I'm sure are real in his mind.  He thinks our good friend Steve told him "I hate your fu*kin' guts."   We go out for lunch once a month with these old friends.  This is something Steve would NEVER do.

Dr. Shakeri said she thinks maybe he doesn't have Alzheimer's.  She says he definitely has dementia, but she thinks that by now he would be much worse than he is.  For the most part, in the moment, he is lucid, and funny.  He likes to watch the courtroom shows on TV, he likes NCIS.

He went to a Neurologist last week.  Said the President of the United States was George Bush and that we were at that moment living in Santa Ana.  "If it's not Santa Ana, then I don't know where it is."

He thought the month might be March.

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