Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Like Anything I Have Ever Seen Before

This is to document a journey.  We began in September, 2012, but it probably began much sooner, and we didn't know it.  It began with my asking you a simple question:  "Have you had breakfast?"  And you answered, "I don't know."   I don't know.    

Truthfully, you really really didn't know.  That had been your answer to many of my questions lately.  I don't know.   I had thought you were just blowing me off, had other things on your mind.  That you truly didn't know was unthinkable.  You said later that it was if  "a curtain had dropped" in your memory.  You couldn't remember where our sons live.  Where the market is.  Where the bank is. 

          "We have to go to the bank, right?"
          "Where is it we're going again?"
          "To the bank, to get money to take the boys to the fair."
          "We're going to the bank, right?  What are we going there for?"
          "To get money for the fair."
          "Oh, that's right."  We arrive at the bank.  "Now, what are we doing here?"

It's scary.  For me, and I suppose it is for you as well.  Where is this journey taking us?

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